Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Case Of: The Unfinished Road Reconstruction

In a small barangay of Mambog inside the Municipality of Bacoor in Cavite, a government project of road reconstruction using asphalt inside a small subdivision had begun but not quite finished. This project is a collaboration of the Homeowners Association, Barangay Officials of this certain area and the Congressman of the 1st District of Cavite after the nationwide Local Elections.

The project was supposedly cover the two street roads of Greenplain Village, the Apitong and Yakal streets. At first, the residents of this subdivision was pretty excited and were very proud that the winning barangay officials have planned that the street roads will be reconstructed, many have been awake early just to clean up the road to prepare for the laying of asphalt, but as the day went by the only road that was finished is the Apitong street and the Yakal street was never laid with asphalt. The government authorities said that they will be back the next weekend to finish the project but as we all know how the local government runs, nobody came back to finish the project!

Now, as you can see from the picture below, the Apitong street have this signage of the so-called finished project and if you look at it closely, the word "Yakal" was erased by a white paint. Then look at the budget alloted for this project, a huge amount to spend in finishing up only one street, right?!

The Signage

The Erased "Yakal"

The Finished Apitong Street

The Unfinished Yakal Street

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