Monday, May 3, 2010

Haven't decided yet? Let me help you!

7 days to go...another significant turn for the history of our country is going to happen...who will you vote for?

Will you be basing your votes to "survey" results or still stand by your preferred candidate even if they are not at the top of these so-called surveys?

Last presidential elections, I voted for Bro. Eddie Villanueva, I know he's not at the top of those surveys before but I still voted for him, he didn't win but I believed in him. At that time I thought that I will still vote for him if he'd run again for the presidency, and so he did. But this time Richard Gordon came into the picture, got myself confused. I'm only human!

Richard Gordon, Eddie Villanueva, Gilbert Teodoro, Nicanor Perlas, and J.C. Delos Reyes are the lesser evils among the presidential candidates. You have to admit it...they really are! But among these lesser evils I have picked my president based on experience and achievements.  And so I am voting for Richard Gordon!

I was there when Bagumbayan Gordon-Bayani held their kick-off campaign rally at Imus, Cavite...(for photos, click here). First time I've heard their platform, I already believed that they can do it...Why? Because they have concrete solutions and results-proven track records, unlike the other candidates who will promise a lot of things but try to ask them the step by step process on how to achieve what they are promising you'll get confused with their answers. There is a solution from Gordon, all we need is cooperation. "Bawal ang tamad at bawal ang tanga."

Once, my husband told me, "kapag nanalo si Villar o si Noynoy umalis na tayo dito sa Pilipinas..." then I said, "kapag nanalo si Gordon, may pag-asa pa ang Pilipinas!"

I believe in Gordon, I do not believe in surveys. Stop this sick mentality of "kulelat sa survey yan, sayang lang ang boto ko..." If you want change, then it should start with you. I believe that we will experience a BETTER TOMORROW if we vote for Richard Gordon on May 10, 2010! Go for Gordon!

*know more about the presidential candidates, click here*

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