Thursday, July 31, 2008

Shadow of the NEWS Today

A shadow is a region of darkness where light is blocked by an object.

Darkness behind the light...The News Today - whether you watch the daily news or hear them on the radio, still the same will be disturbed and get annoyed! The news are supposedly casting the light upon certain issues but behind the news is a dark shadow much larger than the light...

Some examples:

The SONA - SO NOT!!!

I admit, I didn't watch the SONA held last Monday, July 28, 2008...Why? Because I seriously think that it's just all BS!!! The "good news" presented in it are all polished to make it shiny so that the Filipino people will be dazzled by it and somehow forget the reality behind it all!

I can't blame those people who went out on the streets to protest against the SONA, they are only a FEW of the people who wants to see the REAL SONA and not the polished ones. I can't help but laugh when a news report was done about the certain neighbors of the President who themselves didn't listen to the SONA.

For more reports about the SONA, click these links below:


As defined, CHILD ABUSE - physical, sexual, or emotional maltreatment or neglect of children by parents, guardians, or others responsible for a child's welfare.

What would you do when you learned that your own relative to whom you gave your trust to take good care of your children while you are away will be the one who will hurt them and abuse them? I can't think of any good words to come out of my mouth when I saw this news about the 7yr old girl that was beaten to almost death by her own grandmother! OMG, what has happened to this people?

And I can't help but think why two of these news about physical child abuse came from this province of Cavite! I know that CAVITEÑOs are known for their valour during the Spanish era...but can't they just use their bravery to defend the young and not use their strength to abuse them?!

And how about the rampant leaving of fetuses and babies? There was this news about a fetus left inside a fruit basket in front of the church altar! And those babies that are left to die in the garbage dumps or canals, and the one that was thrown out of the Taxi window! How can you deal with these kind of news? Though it's so depressing, I just keep in mind that it's better for them to die now than to die in the hands of the unworthy people! And to those parents of those fetuses and babies that were left behind, MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOULS!


It's like we're all drowning now in this big puddle of quick sand where every week news about another oil price hike is what you can hear! More and more Filipinos now are not using their cars anymore and are now commuting just to save their hard earned money! Though this maybe good for the environment, you know less emission of poluting carbon monoxide, still the fact remains, an oil price hike means higher transportation expenses since the transport groups want higher fares just to at least have an extra more income for their families! And also, higher transportation costs means higher prices of the basic neccessities of man, especially FOOD!

Edited: January 5, 2009
I saw this feature on Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho in GMA 7 about this invention of using old cooking oil as an alternative fuel. Just like what Japan had been doing! This is a great start. They should develop this and it will definitely help the fuel crisis and it help the environment!

Also there's another alternative source of fuel, it is the use of LPG, and it is now widely used among taxis and tricycles here in the Philippines. Good job!


Oh, come on now! Is it not that the Philippines used to be one of the top rice producers in the Asian Region? Then why are we having this kind of shortage? What happened to all of those rice fields that used to be producing high quality rice grains?

Oh, I know! Those rice fields have become endless lines of subdivisions and golf courses! I just wished that they could give those houses and land areas to the poor but NO! Those houses and golf courses are only for those who have more than the average income earners! And now, our contry is one of the top importers of rice! OMG!

How much is the cheapest rice today? Not including the NFA rice, you can buy the Php36-38 per kilo of rice BUT if you see the quality of the rice grains even the dogs wouldn't want to eat it! How long shall we endure this kind of torture?!

So much more to rant little time! I can only pray that someone can do something to lessen the agony of the Filipinos...despite of it all, I still believe that "God will make a way when there seems to be no way" (quoting Don Moen).


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