Monday, March 22, 2010

The Annoying Orange of the Philippines

This will be the first of my political blog please bear with me. :)

Last week I saw a tweet from one of my twitter friends (poljeffrey), twas a link on YouTube about the "annoying orange", and it's actually very funny! I know this kind of humor doesn't appeal to everyone but sometimes you just need some stupid puns to make you laugh and forget about your everyday problems. ;)

So there I was, watching all the videos uploaded by the lovable annoying orange when this advertisement popped out... Lo and behold! A political campaign advertisement on YouTube! From who? From the annoying orange of the Philippines! LOL Yes, it was Manny Villar's political ad! And yes, his campaign ads really annoy me that much since I saw and heard his first political ad up to his newest TV commercials, noon-time TV program insertions and radio jingles. I wanna curse that orange color because of him! Arrrgh!

Can somebody please explain this to me,  how a man who claims that he isn't corrupt like everybody else (despite the Senatorial hearings about the so-called C-5 controversy, etc) and oh-so-filthy rich (despite claiming he grew up in a poor family *still skeptical*) will not try to gain back his expenses or his sponsors' investments on his campaigns? Once he got elected as president of the Philippines (please, God, no!) can he really promise with pristine conscience that he will not make any kind of effort to take his money back or even let those who sponsored his campaigns gain his approvals (or signatures), or even give them political pardons or key positions to the government offices? Oh come on...

Did you know that Manny Villar's political ads exceeded Pres. Arroyo's while she was running for office back in 2003? ABS-CBN made a computation, you can read all about it here:

Now, this is the point where I will show you this pop up political ad of Manny Villar from the annoying orange's YouTube channel:

Now, which one of them is the real annoying orange? The one on your left or the one on the right? Your call! LOL :P

I've read this article about Manny Villar's awesome claims in his campaign advertisements. Get your self informed, read and share!

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